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Among us Free Download for Windows 11,10,8,7,XP

Among us is a fun and poplar game released for systems in the year 2018. This game got massive support from the audience. The gaming environment is amazing as it offers hours of enjoyment and fun to the players.

Among us Game Overview

In this game there is a spaceship and crew. The task of the player is to find the imposter in the game. If the imposter is not found on time then he will kill all the members on the spaceship.

The number of player is different and each player has to perform a different role. The game can be played with as many as 10 players or as low as 4 players.

The players can join to make their party and save the crew from the imposters. The game can be played online with the data connection or the Wi-Fi connection.

What is among us?

Below are some of the noticeable points of among us game

  • Different tasks are present for the players
  • Get the rewards by winning the tasks or eject the imposters from the spaceship
  • Find the imposters and eject them
  • Calling immediate meeting
  • Save other crewmates
  • Kill the enemies and trap them in the rooms
  • Perform the tasks on time and participate in the events
  • Divide the crew accordingly so that everyone is participating

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Goal of among us game

This is basically a survival game where one has to kill the imposter before it kills everyone on the spaceship. There are three different levels of the game. There are different rooms on the spaceship that represent the real life spaceship.

The players can move from one room to other to complete the tasks assigned to them. If one of the team member dies, then the crewmates get together to discuss the ways to remove the imposter immediately before it kills anyone else.

Among us cooperative experience

Among us represent a cooperative experience to the players with wide array of tactics and scenarios. The players exchange fun with each other on the spaceship.

The ship crew is given the task such as maintenance of the sip, cleaning, clearing the sabotage; take care of other members, etc. Among us can be found on the internet easily and there is no other game like this game. If offers so many amazing experiences to the players.

This game is specially designed for the people who are adventurous. The system only requires 250 MB of free storage space available for the successful installation.

How to install among us?

It is very easy to install this game on your system. The link will take you to the website directly and click on the link directly to start the download. There is and executable file that needs to be run to complete the installation. Then open the location of the downloaded game and run the game as an administrator.


  • Fast and speedy
  • Adventurous and fun game
  • Multiple players


  • Addictive
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