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Getting Over With it Download for PC Windows 11,10,8,7

Getting over with it was released in 2017 by Bennet Foddy. This is a relatively easy game where you have to run and conquer the heights. A 100 meter competition is waiting for you in getting over with it game. It is a single player game gives you an opportunity to climb. This is the world of entertainment and one thing that youngsters love to do is playing games.

The world of gaming is increasing day by day and the economy has also increased due to the gaming. There are thousands of players around the world that are keen to play different and exciting games and who would love to be introduced with new games. This game was also played by hundreds around the world after the release.

Getting over with it Overview

In the layout of game one will se some amazing and tall mountains. The scenarios are set perfectly and accordingly. The main task of the player is to reach the mountain and turn the hammer. The moving of hammer is important and you learn it with time.

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The player can fly, climb, jump, and swing as well. It is basically a hiking game that is very much similar to the real life hiking experience. The hikers who reach the top of mountain get a chance to win rewards and open the mysteries. The game opens up the mysteries for the players. It is very easy game and everyone can play this game.


The main person in the game is the single player who moves ahead with holding a hammer in his hand. The players can move the hammer by simply moving the mouse of their system. After some time and practice the player will also be able to move, jump, swing, fly, etc.

by simply using the mouse. The hikers who get to the top of mountain are rewarded with amazing tasks and opportunities to further unwrap the game. The game can get frustrating at times but the players have a the control.

They can run the whole game by doing different activities with the hammer only. The person who learns to use the hammer will love the game. If the player unfortunately falls from the mountain then they will have to start from the scratch.

They have to climb again to reach the top of mountain. The game is very easy to play and everyone can play this game. The commentary of the game keeps the players engaged and motivates them to not lose. The person who starts playing the game loves it and easily get addicted to it.

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Below are some of the noticeable features of getting over with it game for pc

  • Climbing the huge mountains with hammer and pot in the hand
  • The approximate time to finish the gameplay is five hours but the players can extend it to the infinity
  • Get and feel new challenges and opportunities
  • Fly, climb, and jump to get to the top of mountain
  • See the amazing graphics and scenarios while moving to the top
  • Lose the progress then you will have to start over from the crash again

System Requirements

Below mentioned things must be available in your systems to get the game downloaded

  • System having os windows vista
  • 2 GB memory available
  • Free hard disk space of 2 GB
  • Internet connection of broadband
  • Dual core processor of 2 GHz


  • Easy gameplay
  • Commentary is involved
  • Addictive


  • Gets frustrating to start from start

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