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Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre PC Game Download

This is the most played game version around the globe. Via this article you will know complete details and how to download Tutorial from this website. it is #1 and best-selling PC game in North America This is not end as we also have Delta Force Black Hawk Down for our users.

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Overview

This is the best shooter game when you play this on PC.

For the play station 2 it is the new chapter release in the series of black hawk down by the NovaLogic and the Rebellion.

This game actually consists of different campaigns. The campaigns of this game are not like the campaign.


Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre


There is another platform on which you can play this game and that platform is PlayStation 2. On the platform PlayStation 2, you can play a single player campaign and also play multiplayer campaigns.

In the game there are many new characters added to the game. In this game, it is up to you that you want to play in the desert or you have the interest to play in the jungle. Because there is 2 operations in this game.


in order to make this game eisier for the new player developers introduced cheats or code which enables the user to complete the required mission easily and quickly. these cheats are available on you can get them.

Missions list

Here you can find the most famous operations in the list of the game as given below:

1. Colombian Campaign

Antonio Paulo which is known as the drug lord. He increases his powers in many areas of Colombia. He controlled many areas of Colombia and have the many art galleries for the anti-government cause. He was very famous to torture the American and Colombian soldiers. Player choose this mission to fight against drug lord Antonio Paulo.

2. Iranian Campaign 

For the west, Iran fundamentalist government was a friendly government. A group which was hard for the western take arm against the Iranian government.

Rebels of Iran take control of the oil terminal in the Khazar Island. As the economy of the Iran 75% depending on the oil due to which it is the great risk for Iran.

NATO help Iran government for make hold on the capital city Tehran. UN and America decided to attack the rebel and break the power of rebel. Delta Force is the spearhead of the coalition force which sends for this operation. There are numbers of tweaks added in this game by the NovaLogic.

Weapons Development

Weapons accuracy in Team Sabre Delta Force redesign so now it is up to a player that how much accuracy he/she has to operate weapons. If the player running around then there is less accuracy of the player. But if the player lye on the ground or crouching then the accuracy is the best due to which player can easily hit the target.

Weapons Development

Teammate Selection

Due to the improvements, your teammate is smarter than the previous game. In this game, if you choose the computer-generated teammates then this is the quiet balance team.

If you have the good team made then there is a lot of fun for you. But if your teammates are stupid then you have the burden in the form of your teammate and you cannot survive in this game.

There are many reasons due to which having the teammates is good.

What To Do If Lost Health?

If you lose your health and close to death or you have the less bullet then you can request your friend to take bullets and also patch you up. But you can do this only one time. But if your teammate dead then you have lost the abilities to share anything with your teammate.
As a team leader you can you can command your team. You can regroup your team and also can order your team to attack the enemies.


In this game for the player, there are huge weapons and equipment. Just like the modern equipment of the real world. There are many assault rifles, grenades, binoculars, antitank rocket, assault vision and many more. If you use these weapons perfectly then not only you can refill your ammo load but also you can adjust your weapons loadout.


Online battles of this game is very famous. People like to play this game. This game allows up to 32 players. But if you host your own server then it will allow 8 players.

Multiplayer Modes

For the multiplayer there are some modes which are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Tam king of the hill, Renegade, Team renegade, and Sabotage.

One of the best modes of this game for multiplayer is the co-operative mode. In co-operative mode, you play alongside another player in 6 mission campaign. As compare to the single-player campaign multiplayer campaign are tougher. You may like Delta Force Xtreme 2.

5 General Features 

Before installing the game you should observe the following features.

  1. This is the best shooting game. 
  2. Expansion pack of the world added.
  3. New weapons added.
  4. New terrains added.
  5. New characters added.
  6. 2 new campaign added.
  7. Best graphics design added.

Delta Force Team Sabre Black Hawk Down

System Requirements

Before the download of this game, you fulfill the below:

  1. Operating System: Require OS for this game is Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10.
  2. CPU: Intel Premium4 or above CPU require.
  3. RAM: 512 MB RAM required for this shooting game.
  4. Hard Disk: 1.5 GB Hard Disk space required.

4 Basic Technical Setup detail

  1. Filename: Delta Force Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre.
  2. File setup name: DeltaForceBlackHawkDownteamSabre.exe
  3. File size: 506.14 MB
  4. Developer: Novalogic


Here below-given video is for Black hawk down team sabre download process. By following the guide it is easy to get your favorite game.

How to install The Game

When you have access to setup then just click on the setup after that the installation process start. You just give the direction that where you want to install this game. When installation process complete then you can enjoy playing this game.

Download Here


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