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Mafia 2 – Free Download PC Game (Full Version) For Windows 10,8,7

This is an action-adventure video game that was developed by 2K Check and introduced by 2K Games. It was released in August 2010 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows; Mafia II: Directors Cut was released in December 2011 by Feral Interactive.

Mafia 2 – Free Download PC Game

The game is a sequel to the 2002 Mafia and the second game in the Mafia series. Set in 1945 and later in 1951 in the fictional Empire Bay. He was involved in a power struggle between mafia criminal families in the city while trying to make a living.Mafia 2 - Free Download PC Game

About game

The game is played from a third party perspective and its world can be navigated on foot or by vehicle. The criminal activities of the player character can trigger a response from law enforcement agencies, which is measured by a “wanted” system that controls the aggression of their response. Development began in 2003, shortly after the release of the first Mafia game. Upon release, Mafia II generally received positive reviews from critics, especially the story, although the straightforward open world design was criticized. Its successor, Mafia III, was released in 2016. Mafia II: Hunger 13 is a redesigned version of the game developed by Hunger 13 and released on May 2, 2020 and May 19, 2020.

Weapons and Gadgets

Most of the guns from the previous game return the Thompson submachine gun and the Colt 1911, as well as the pump-action shotgun. New World War II weapons, the MG 42 and the Beretta Model 38 also appear in the game. Interacting with objects in the environment involves two action buttons: a standard action and a “violent” action, conditions used in context-sensitive. A map similar to the original Mafia game has been added, but the checkpoint system has been completely overhauled. New controls include a cover system that can shoot behind enemy objects and enemies, without arbitrarily entering behind them. This feature provides strategic support against enemies and has become a key technique of the genre.

The main features of the game

The game features 3 different game radio stations (Empire Classic Radio, Empire Central Radio and Delta Radio) with licensed news, music and commercials. Radio stations include music in a variety of styles, including rock and roll, Big Band, Rhythm and Blues and Doo-Wop, including Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers, Dean Martin, Little Richard, Muddy Waters, Buddy Holly & the Cricket, Bing Crosby, Bill Haley & His Comets, Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran, The Drifters, The Fleetwoods, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Not the King Cole, The Strings and The Andrews Sisters.


In 1943, Sicilian immigrant Vito Skeleto was arrested during a robbery and decided to join the United States Army to avoid prison. He was captured by the Italians during Operation Husky, but his executioners surrendered to the Allies on the orders of a local mafia boss. After returning to Empire Bay in early 1945 due to his injury, Vito reunites with his childhood friend Joe Barbaro, who supplies him with fake discharge papers and discovers that his late father left his family in debt to a debt shark.


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