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Download mobile legends bang bang: This game is a mobile multiplayer online bottleneck arena that was developed and published by Moonton. In the year of 2016, the game became more popular in Southeast Asia and was one of the first sports events. In July 2018, Tencent sued Watson Xu Zhenhua, CEO of Moonton, for a robbery of the League of Legends of Mobile Legends in Shanghai on behalf of riot-related games and secured a settlement of $ 9.9 million.

Mobile legends Bang Bang – Gameplay

This is a multiplayer online bottleneck arena game that was designed for mobile phones. Two opposing teams fight to reach and destroy an enemy base while maintaining their own base for one-way control, with three “lanes” called “top”, “middle” and “bottom” connecting the bases.



On each team, there are five players, each controlling a character, called a “hero” using analog or joystick controls. Heroes can be classified into 6 different characters namely Marxman, Assassin, Maze, Support, Fighter and Tank. Additionally, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a variety of arcade games, including a series of different gameplay mechanics:

  • Survival, a bottle royal game mode
  • Chess-TD, Tower Defense Game Mode
  • Magic Chess, Auto Battler Game Mode


Mobile Legends initially had ten heroes released in 2016. It then increased to 70 by November 2018, and by May 2020 95 heroes were currently on the live server. To further enhance the game’s appeal, Moonton regularly collaborates with Southeast Asian nations to create new characters from their histories or folklore, Lapu Lapu, Mincitar, Based on Roro Kiddle and Badang.

Development and release

After Monton’s 20 crew successfully released their first game, Magic Rush: Heroes, released in 2015, they developed the company’s next project, the mobile multiplayer online Bottle Arena game called Mobile Legends. Staff experience with engineering magic rush for the global market, as well as customizing its characteristics for different cultures and telecommunications in different countries, has benefited them by making mobile legends a more effective game to impress global players.


  • Classic Moba Maps, 5v5 Wars

Real Time 5V5 fights real opponents. Fight with 3 lanes to take over the enemy’s tower, 4 wild areas 18 defense towers and 2 Wild Boss. Complete reproduction of classic Moba maps.

  • Win with Teamwork & Strategy

Prevent damage, control the enemy and heal allies! Choose from Tanks, Mazes, Marksmen, Assassins, Support, etc. to anchor your team or match up with MVP! New heroes are constantly being released!

  • Fair fights, take your team to victory

Like classic MOBAs, Hero does not pay for training or stats. Winners and losers will be decided on the basis of skill and ability on this affordable and balanced platform for competitive gaming.

  • Simple controls, easy to master

With the virtual joystick on the left and the skill buttons on the right, 2 fingers you need to master! Autolock and Target Sifting allow you to beat your heart content one last time.

  • 10 second match making, 10 minute matches

Match making only takes 10 seconds, and the battles last 10 minutes, equalizing the quiet opening game and jumping into serious battles.

  • Smart offline AI help

In most MOBAs, a fallen connection means drying out your team, but with mobile legends: Bang Bang’s powerful reunion system, if you fall, you can be back in battle in seconds.

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