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Halo: Combat Evolved Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8 [64 32Bit]

Halo combat evolved: this is a first-person shooter video game that was developed by Bungie. The Halo Combat was published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released on November 15, 2001 as the launch title for Microsoft’s Xbox Video Game Console. Microsoft released versions of the game in 2003 for Windows and Mac OS X. Halo is set in the twenty-sixth century, when the player takes on the role of the super-soldier master chief, better improved cybernetically.

Halo: Combat Evolved Windows 10

Bungie finally began developing into a halo in 1997. Initially, the game was a real-time strategy game that evolved into a third-person shooter before becoming a first-person shooter. During development, Microsoft acquired Bungee and changed the game title to its new video game console, the Xbox.


Halo: Combat Evolved’s gameplay is characterized by many features that set it apart from the less acclaimed first-person shooter games of its time.

Plot execution: Halo: The gameplay and storyline of combat evolution are tightly intertwined, provided in a reliable manner tailored to the flow of the game.

Vehicle Merger: Hollow: Combat Evolution Players have the option of controlling multiple land and air-based vehicles in a third-party view. This vantage brings a welcoming sense of immersion and enhances specific points of the gameplay, setting the halo apart from contemporary first-person shooters.

Weapons System: Halo: The new weapons system of combat evolution is unique in two main respects. The first only allows players to carry two weapons at once, forcing the player to trade-off as he progresses throughout the game. Second are the single, unique button for throwing grenades, which are very important in both campaign and multiplayer games.

Artificial Intelligence: Halo: Combat Evolved ‘AI is the most advanced of its age. With the newest sophisticated AI system, the actions taken by the AI ​​to help Halo stand out from the rest, such as fearing the death of a superior, getting out of an oncoming vehicle, or taking cover from explosives and suppressive fires. First-person shooters released at the time.

The world of success

Halo has been critically and commercially successful and has been hailed as one of the greatest video games ever. The game’s popularity has led to labels such as “Halo Clone” and “Halo Killer” being applied or ated for being better than games. Its sequel, Halo 2, was released for the original Xbox in 2004, and created a multi-billion dollar multimedia franchise that included games, books, toys, and movies.


As of November 2005, over five million copies have been sold worldwide. A high-definition remake of the Xbox 360, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has been released to mark the 10th anniversary of the original game launch. The anniversary for the Xbox One was re-released in 2014 as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection and was released in March 2020 on Windows PCs.

Weapons used in game



  • M231 machine gun
  • M41 rocket launcher
  • M41 Vulcan
  • M512 smooth-bore high-velocity cannon
  • M6D magnum
  • M9 fragmentation grenade
  • M90 shotgun
  • MA5B assault rifle
  • SRS99C-S2 AM sniper rifle


  • 110mm rotary cannon
  • 120mm ventral gun
  • M370 autocannon
  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
  • Point-defense gun
  • M910 point defense network



  • Class-2 directed energy cannon
  • Fuel rod cannon
  • Type-1 plasma grenade
  • Type-25 plasma pistol
  • Type-25 plasma rifle
  • Type-29 Shade
  • Type-33 Needler


  • Energy projector
  • Heavy plasma cannon
  • Medium plasma cannon
  • Plasma cannon
  • Pulse laser turret
  • Type-1 energy sword
  • Type-26 Directed-Energy Mortar
  • Unidentified fuel rod gun
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