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Little Fighter 2 Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit

Little fighter 2: This is a Hong Kong freeware computer software fighting game for Microsoft Windows and a continuation of the Little Fighter game. Little Fighter 2 was created by Marty Wang and Starsky Wong in 1999 and has received lengthy updates. The game can support up to 4 human players on one computer and a total of 8 characters using online play or computer-controlled rivals.

Little Fighter 2 Free Download Latest Version | Characters

There are a total of twenty-four playable characters, eleven of whom are initially playable:

  • Template: A weak and unimaginative character, initially used as a base for all others.
  • Deep: A yellow swordsman. A starting-friendly character, his encounter attacks are quick & influential but he lacks range and mobility.
  • John: A self-protective magician.
  • Henry: A musical archer. Besides shooting arrows, he can play the flute to influence gravity. Rudolf: A navy-blue ninja who throws stars and uses gimmicks for duplication or transformation.
  • Louis: An armed grappler. Slow and awkward character, the ability to get out of his armor and transform into LouisX when he is close to death.
  • Fire: A Fire Maze. He can easily keep a group of enemies with his fire spells, but he relies heavily on us and is hard to use skillfully for combos.
  • Freeze: An Ice Maze. A single touch of his claws or ice sword will freeze enemies and power balls. Excellent character for beginners & advanced players.
  • Dennis: A Lean Fighter. He can pressure his enemies with homing energy balls or a powerful kick kick. Rely on combos to deal with heavy damage.
  • Woody: An experienced veteran of duels and dances around the battlefield.
  • Davis: The main protagonist. He excelled in boxing and shooting rapid energy blasts.
  • Bat: This boss, who appears on stage 5–2, constantly harasses players.
  • Louiex: Appearing in the first stage 3–5, the spear owner is known for his excellent physical statistics and the ability to shoot a shockwave multiple times in a row from the palm of his hand.
  • Firgen: This Master of Fire & Ice elementary shower covering the arena appears in the first stage 4–5.
  • Julian: The last boss to appear on stage 5-5, this evil spirit is a masked giant.

The remaining 9 characters are regular servants fighting across the stage:

  • Bandit
  • Hunter
  • Mark
  • Jack
  • Orce Wizard
  • Monk
  • January
  • Knight
  • Justin


Little Fighter 2 is a fighting game. Attacking another character causes the attacker to lose HP, which is represented by a red bar on the heads-up display. Each character has unique attacks, which can be activated by pressing a specific combination of keys. Most of these special attacks use MP, which is represented by a blue bar on the heads-up display. These include swords, baseballs, boulders, boxes and baseball bats. All weapons are damaged in battle and eventually broken.

Game Modes

VS mode: allows human and computer players to compete with each other in player selection.

Stage mode: like many classic beat-em-up action games, allows players to fight in five stages, with bosses here and there. You can choose a step and difficulty in the beginning.

Championship mode: sets up the tournament bracket to determine the winner. You can choose to fight in person or with a human or computer partner.

Bottle mode: is a team-based mode that commands mass customizable forces of computer players on both sides.


Marti Wong, Starsky Wong
Engine PC
Platform(s) Windows
Release 1999
Genre(s) Beat ’em up
Mode(s) Cooperative
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