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Payne max 2; the fall of Max Payne Latest Version (2022) Free Download

Get Download Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (2020) for Windows PC from here. This is a third-person shooter game that was developed by Remedy Entertainment and introduced by Rockstar Games. In Max Payne 2, the player controls Detective Max Payne for the New York City Police Department. Re-established after the events of the previous game he reunites with Mona Sox‌, who set out to solve the conspiracy of death and betrayal.

Payne max 2 Overview

Video game critics have given positive reviews to Max Payne 2. Praise focused on its action and story, while critics targeted its short length. Despite the positive response, the game sold poorly, with the parent company of the popular Rockstar games Take-To-Interactive 2004 claiming that Max Payne 2 sales were a factor in the Max Reforecast economy.


This is a third person shooter in which the player plays the role of Max Payne. Initially, the player’s weapon was a 9mm pistol. As they develop, players gain access to weapons including other handguns, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and hand-thrown weapons. To take the game along, the player is told by Max’s internal monologue what the next goal is, in which Max redirects his next steps.

About the game

When first played, the game offers the player a difficulty level that can be adjusted automatically if the game is too difficult. For example, if the player character dies multiple times, the artificial intelligence of the enemy becomes less effective, but healthier in the form of painkillers.

Once the game is completed, other difficulty levels will be unlocked. Two separate game modes are also activated New York Minute and Dead Man Walking. In the New York minute, a player is given a score based on the time taken to complete each level. Dead Man Walking Mode puts Max in one of five scenes in which he must live as long as possible while battling endlessly responsive enemies.

Max Payne Free download for windows 10

Max Payne 2 allows the player to start bullet time, which is a time slower mode but allows the player to aim in real time, giving the player more time to decide what they want to do.

In this mode, the screen color changes to sepia tone to serve as a visual cue. When in use, the bullet time meter is either empty or reduced until the player shuts off bullet time mode.

The meter eventually rises when not in use, but can be quickly replaced by killing enemies. To mimic the bullet time effect, the Max shoot-dodge maneuver can also be implemented.

When the maneuver is performed, Max jumps in the direction specified by the player, and although the bullet time is activated when the air is between Max, it does not reduce the bullet time meter.

Improved combat system for Max Payne 2; The player can make Max with a secondary weapon such as a grenade or Molotov cocktail, and when the enemy is near, Max can hit them with a pistol. AI teammates may occasionally come to Max’s aid, although their deaths do not affect the gameplay or story.


  • Developer       Remedy Entertainment
  • Publisher         Rockstar Games
  • Director           Markus Mäki
  • Designer Petri Järvilehto
  • Programmer    Kim Salo
  • Artist                 Saku Lehtinen
  • Writer            Sam Lake
  • Composer Kärtsy Hatakka and Kimmo Kajasto
  • Series Max Payne
  • Engine RenderWare
  • Platform            Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2
  • Release 14 October 2003
  • Genre                Third-person shooter
  • Mode Single-player


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