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Age of Empire Free Download for PC Windows 11,10,8,7

It is the modern era where people love playing games. Playing different games keep people away from boredom. Age of empire is a real game that is based on real-time genre. Historical events are conveyed in this game as it gives the perspective of the old era.

Age of empire Overview

The full version of the game was installed in 2017 by the Microsoft team. The game portrays the era of war in the history between Mongols and other forces. This game gained a lot of fame because people love to know about the history and age of the empire full version displays it completely.

The game also shows other important battles of the past. The players can choose any battle and make changes to win the battle. Different strategies will be involved and technical use of weapons will make the players successful. This Game also available on major website like softonic, getintopc or filehippo.

The gameplay

The gameplay of the age of empires focuses more on mythology. The features of this version are more advance than the older ones. There are many options for the players to choose from and they can play from 1421 to 1850 easily.

The game requires flexibility and present mindedness of the player. The players have to put in all their efforts to conquer the land and expand the world according to their rules.

There is an upgrade available for the resources and tools that will be available only after the successful completion of game levels. The upgrades are also available after every battle as more advanced and upgraded tools will help the player to succeed in the game.

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Design and setup of the game

The age of the empire full version is different in graphics and designs when compared to others. The game is very interesting for the players including the unique features.

The spectacular fish traps in the game keep the interest of players and they do not get bored. If the person wants to play the game and has no idea of the gameplay, then there are several tutorials available in the game for free.

These tutorials help the newbie to play the game and ace it with cool and amazing strategies. The new players grasp the idea of the game easily which makes the game more interesting for them. Al controlled characters are also involved in the game that helps the players to perform different tasks efficiently.


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Below are some amazing features that are offered by age of empire pc game

  • Civilizations are large in number to indicate the history of battles
  • New and unique empires are included in the game
  • Upgrade for weapons available after every battle win
  • Visual effects are spectacular and blow away the minds of players


  • Most strategic game
  • Detailed graphics
  • Positive rating
  • Different modes
  • Modern and amazing graphics


  • Some features are difficult to use
  • Space taking
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