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Phasmophobia Free Download PC Windows 11,10,8,7

Phasmophobia is a horror game that is designed for maximum of four players. The player along with his mates has to search for paranormal activities in the ghosted placed. The evidence is collected and recorded to be shown to the teams. The game has a voice control as well that allows the players to directly Have a conversation with the ghosts. The game includes different equipment that can be used to identify ghosts at different places.

Overview of phasmophobia

The download of phasmophobia is quick and easy. After the completion of download, the players will be able to find and explore new and adventurous places. Their main task is to find and locate the ghosts in the spooky places.

This game is an amazing game that allows the players to explore many places. But there are limited number of places so the players might get bored.

Out of the box, it is an excellent horror game that is better than many other horror games available. This game is change from other games so the players love to send their time playing and finding the ghosts.

What is phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is a horror game where players main task is to find the ghosts at the spooky places. There are four players who play as a team and complete the tasks to earn the rewards.

The rewards are provided to the players after the successful completion of all the tasks on time. The main aim of the game is to enter the spooky and haunted house and find the evidence of ghosts. The evidence is then provided to the host team who then come to the place.

Gameplay of phasmophobia

The game is based on realistic graphics and videos. The players get tot experience the real surroundings with the ghosts in the haunted houses. The players can also talk with the ghosts that feels live talking due to the soundtracks.

There are different types of ghosts. Each ghost has a different trait and separate way of finding. The gameplay also includes four players so you have the opportunity to play with your friends and complete the tasks. The interface of game is also easy to understand as it uses English language.

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Specifications of game

Phasmophobia is a realistic themed horror game that is played by at least four players. It has gained fame right after the release by kinetic game publishers. Below are the specifications involved in phasmophobia game:

  • Audio and Video language is English
  • 14 GB is the download size of game
  • 16 GB of free space is required for the successful download of game in the system
  • 8 GB Ram and 64 bit operating windows
  • Soundtrack card is also required for the smooth and clear sounds
  • Kinetic game is the publisher of this game


  • Excellent graphics
  • Realistic sound
  • Adventurous modes
  • Four player game
  • Horror and haunted house
  • Different and amazing tools


  • Requires space in the system
  • Downloading takes time
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